Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Ryan Career Services LLC?

Ryan Career Services LLC offers service in four broad areas: career consultation, career assessment, resume/cover letter writing and editing, and online profile management.

What occurs during a session?

In the first session we determine client needs and expectations. When a client decides to pursue career service, a plan is formed. We explore client traits and how they best fit the field of work.

What is client confidentiality?

It means that the content of any discussion and assessment remains between the client and service provider only.

Are career services the same as psychological therapy?

No. It is not the intent of career service to explore client psychological issues or to remedy significant life challenges, such as delayed maturation, debilitating anxiety, depression, etc.

Is it better to have face to face, telephone, email, or Skype consultations??

Quality interaction can occur in any of the four modes. Client convenience and comfort are the deciding factors. In some cases travel to Concord, NH, may be too far or inconvenient, whereas other clients may consider face to face preferable.

Can I receive skill building to help me with interviews, cold calling, and other professional interactions?

Yes. It may arise during consultation that skill building is necessary. This will be factored into future sessions.

Will Ryan Career Services LLC guarantee job placement?

No. Ultimately it is up to the client to secure a position in the career of their choice. Ryan Career Services LLC assists in providing the necessary groundwork for a client to secure a desired position.

How much “homework” will I have?

There is an assumption of client motivation and an expectation of work to be done by the client outside of the time spent with the service provider. It may be in the form of reading, writing, research, skill practice, or completing assessments. The amount will be determined together by the client and the service provider.