Career Consultation

Not to be confused with a job placement service, the goal of career consultation is to assist individuals in identifying purpose and meaning in their work. To that end we will establish strategies for finding jobs that reflect those values. Six objectives are applicable to all clients no matter their backgrounds or aspirations.

1. Assume Responsibility – Clients understand the concept that they are ultimately responsible for making career decisions. These will be the best decisions they can make at the given time. We will work collaboratively toward this goal.

2. Imagine Career Ideas – I encourage clients to expand their thoughts and imaginations beyond the “realistic” in order to call on notions of career that may yield possibilities never before considered.

3. Identify Functional and Adaptive Skills – My position is that most clients need assistance in self-reporting. We will engage in a process that assists clients to determine interests, aptitudes, work styles, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. We will also examine past accomplishments in relation to the client’s skill set. I believe that a fit between personality and work style traits, in the context of a work environment that honors such traits, will lead to career satisfaction.

4. Manage Negative Emotions – Career progress cannot proceed if clients are inhibited by anxieties, fears, and other self-defeating feelings and thoughts. If necessary, I work with clients to identify and assist in managing such obstructions.

5. Build an Action Plan – All the talk and processing in the world will fall flat unless there is an achievable series of steps that can be followed by a client. The client will progress from where they are to where they determine they need to be. An Action Plan will include client knowledge of transferable skills, job search techniques, employment trends, and confidence building behaviors. I will work with clients to build a plan and make myself available for follow up to reflect on the plan’s success.

6. Choose for Purpose and Meaning – Throughout the consultation process, particularly at the final stages, I will work with clients to assure that career decisions being made express the values of the client. My clients move in a direction to choose work that has, for them, purpose and meaning.